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multi disciplinary think tank2


looking for the human scale
In a multidisciplinary team we work together on questions of urban biodiversity. We connect different disciplines; biology, architecture, social design and human geography. Together, we focus on everyday human practices by looking closer at cyclic scenarios such as the everyday food cycle. This can be seen as an example of a ‘main’ cycle of practices that can be subdivided into sub cycles such as the collection of food, preparation, consumption, recycling, and growing of food, whereby all these sub cycles intertwine.

With this approach, we would like to trigger inhabitants of the research area to engage, by collecting their inconveniences that they (already) encounter in their everyday lives. By posing questions concerning the cycles, we collect layers of data. This collection of data can provide us with points of attention that we can focus on. By choosing this ‘strategy’, we invite people to participate and encourage them to connect by discovering mutual benefits for the whole eco-system, while at the same time improving their own living conditions. As such, the need to ‘convince’ people is transformed into an invitation to be part of ‘the bigger picture’.

Our aim with this approach is to empower people as active ‘players’ in the eco-system, which may make the debate around biodiversity less loaded with heavy terms such as responsibility, but places the human scale in the center. By doing this, we can motivate the urban population to make an (bottom-up) impact.