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Biodiverse glasses.

Inspiration – put on your biodivers glasses!
Based upon the notion that more biodiversity results in a higher quality of life in crowded cities inspires to design for people, plants and animals at the same time. Book for an inspiring activity and learn from us the international examples and the recent results of the ongoing research carried out by!

Who has been inspired by has inspired cities, provinces, educational institutes, architectural offices, policy makers, developers, inhabitants and other stake holders in the urban areas.

How to get inspired? offers lectures, master classes and workshops for policy makers and professionals in real estate and urban development. She takes part in quality and inspiration panels and contributes with content to design teams. Look at our current program or contact us for an inspiring activity! We are happy to address audiences in Dutch, English and German.

Lectures has lectured in the Netherlands and abroad. E.g. at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, the Annual Dutch Bat Symposium and the Province of Noord-Holland.

Master Classes
We lecture and organize master classes for professionals in the field of architecture, urban planning and real estate.

Various disciplines are stimulated to conceive concrete design proposals for a defined urban location. Workshops of one or more days take place on site or a location close to the given location to enable site visits of the workshop participants. Workshops focus on practical applicable ideas.

Exhibition Live With Life has developed an exhibition bringing together the principles of Building for Biodiversity in the city with relevant examples of strategies, designs and policies. Panels are bilingual in Dutch and English. The exhibition has been opened in 2015 by Ivar Manuel, Chairman of Amsterdam-Oost.

In 2015, in collaboration with Architecture Center Amsterdam (ARCAM) organized an international symposium on Building for Biodiversity. Learn more about the results online.