Meeting of a Research LAB Team

Education develops curricula for higher education and conceives e-learning material and design projects. Within the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam various courses have been developed with the target of nature-inclusive building. Design courses include place making, developing lighthouse projects and the design project ‘Man and Beast’. Education projects are tailored for the disciplines architecture, landscape architecture mixed groups.

Research LAB
A LAB is an interdisciplinary research set up with an interdisciplinary group of various professions and nationalities, professionals and students. A LAB is collaborating, thinking, researching, designing with different disciplines, presenting for and talking with experts and stakeholders. To feed the team members weekly an inspirer visits the LAB. The research phase is structured in 4 themes: Principles, materialization, context and policy and strategy. The pressure cooker is interrupted by public reviews to exchange knowledge and ideas with stake holders involved such as developers, owners, municipality.