Viennese public transport company contributes to biodiversity

There is also positive news from Vienna these days: Because securing biodiversity on public green spaces is important – they are not only attractive areas to be used by people and animals and help cooling down the city in the summer – the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Boku) was asked by the metropolitan public transport company (Wiener Linien) how to preserve and maintain these spaces appropriately. A large scale investigation into insect and plant species on 20+ green spaces along the public transport network has shown surprising results.

In the only 3.7 hectares studied 378 species of plants and a third of all 460 bee species in Vienna could be found. This is remarkable, given the more than 200 km2 of green space in the entire metropole, and stresses the importance of transport infrastructure for green-blue urban networks in the city, and Quality of Life.

Read more on the still ongoing research of Bärbel Pachinger and Sophie Kratschmer at Wiener Linien or Der Standard. Final results will be published in 2021, see the university website for details. Image is (c) Boku.