Urban hives at the Milano Design week




(www.stadmechelen.be: please do not kill bees, wasps and bumble bees)


Albert Einstein said: “if bees disappeared, humans would have three years of life left”.

In Europe  the number of Urban hives is growing. “In fact it appears that despite urban pollution, urban bees are more productive”, citating Claudia Zanfi who organises the Hurban Hives at the Milano Design Week in April.

Bees take care for the pollination, enabling 70% of the plants on earth to produce fruits for us. During the Design Week new urban hives will be made by local crafsmen in specific public gardens and spaces in the center in Milano.  The goal of the creators is valorisation, promotion and awareness-raising of eco-friendly practices in the urban context. The installation focusses on the safequard of domesticated bees. Beside the domesticated bees, all sorts of wild bees and bumble bees are also part of the crew.  I hope they implement this also in their project.

For more information look at http://www.amaze.it/AMAZE/node/578