Social Diversity



[POST BY Lucas Pissetti]

This week was very inspirational for the LAB-team. Alongside the research we have been doing on reference projects from all over the world, we had the pleasure of talking with some local experts who could help us with the social interaction in the Cruquius area. As we have been learning from the past weeks, our project can only be truly successful if we can engage the people that live in the area. They can contribute with their knowledge and expertise.

We arranged a meeting with Peter Groenendaal, a place-making expert and owner of Placemaking Plus and Urban Space Agency who had a brilliant talk with us on how to make a place be recognizable and used by the people. We met Stephany van Veen, she works for the Municipality Stadsdeel Oost, as a community and participation agent at Cruquius. She told us about stewardship and how we can engage people to participate in our projects. Leon Paquay, is a film-maker and owner of Editpoint. Because he lives and works in Cruquius he knows all about the companies in the area. Leon has been busy a lot with neighborhood projects.

Talking with all these inspirational people made us aware that we are not the only ones who are working for the welfare of Cruquius and some initiatives are already taking place in the area. Only by talking to people and by involving them with Building for biodiversity, we will be able to make this project a benefit for the whole community.