Private online park addresses the longing for quality of life by engaging with nature

The Chinese Devolution architects noted that formerly public parks in China are becoming more and more privatized for a smaller ‘gated’ community of surrounding neighbours only. This ‘cutting off’ public quality of life sparked the idea for their 2017 ‘Devolution Park’ project:  a design of extreme privatization that can only be ‘visited’ online, e.g. on your individual cell phone, via the surveillance cameras installed.

Notably the park is located on the 27th floor of a residential tower which can house up to 300 families. It is an indoor installation in the mono functional building located in the new high-density residential area in Xiamen. Its temporary realization was possible because the apartment was acquired for investment purposes and therefore empty.  

Read more about the project on archdaily. Photographs copyright by Xiaodong Xu.