A new city is coming
The Next City is the biodiverse city with a high quality of life for humans and animals. The future city is welcoming man and nature, or as internationally acclaimed researcher and forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort says: “We will live with life.” We aim to increase biodiversity in the city by linking nature to the activities leading demographic and spatial changes. “We are über-eco” says Dutch trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas.

Quality of Life
Nature provides us with vital necessities: food, fuel and medicines, but also clean air, shade and a better urban environment. A larger richness of species indicates a higher Quality of Life. A strong ecosystem and great biodiversity are design tasks and the carriers of the Next City.

Bridging nature, builders and owners
The researchers and designers of Next City are collecting and sharing successful design examples. We are developing new solutions for nature inclusive designing and building with the aim to increase biodiversity in the city. We are leading the way for the construction industry in the nature-inclusive sector and are advising property owners and inhabitants on increasing biodiversity by analysis, strategic advice and ready-to-implement solutions.

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