Nature transplantation



Nature transplantation is a process where plants are being removed from nature and re-planted in city areas. The landscape architects of Buroharro have used this process in Bartokpark in the city center of Arnhem. They mostly used heath, a species especially suited for this approach.

Heath thrives in poor sandy soil and is therefore a pioneer species that in time will be succeeded by different plant species and eventually by forests. In certain areas of a lot of nature parks this follow up is prevented to preserve the heath. To do so they remove strips of heath from the landscape to keep the poor sandy soil that it needs. These removed plants where used in Bartokpark. This method not only gives these plants a new destination but also makes sure that insects, fungi and soil conditions are transported along. This is beneficial for the growth of the heath and for the biodiversity in the city. It is very interesting to see if this method could be used with other plants to increase nature and biodiversity in urban areas.
Harro de Jong @TEDx
Natuurtransplantatie radio interview  met Harro de Jong (NL)