Mooring post facade habitat

Housing Cooperation De Warren starts with a new housing project on IJburg (Amsterdam) that ‘structurally supports and improves biodiversity‘. Next to a large green roof the ‘piéce de résistance’ is the more than 1 meter wide wooden outer shell of the building made of reused mooring posts featuring outdoor spaces for the human inhabitants and shelter for a large variety of plants and birds.

Architect Boris Zeisser of Natrufied Architecture designed the ultra-collective apartment building De Warren on the new Centrum Eiland in IJburg. Next to 36 social and mid-market rental apartments there are 800 sqm of collective spaces inclusing a theater, yoga space, makerspace, offices, meeting rooms, kidsspace and a music studio. The design is the result of four workshop days with all the future residents.

The building will be made of biobased materials. The structure is drawn up from CLT (cross laminated timber), flax insulation and recycled wooden finishes. Reusing building products from demolished buildings is being researched. The building will be completely energy self-sufficient and ‘rain proof’.