Well-being of patients benefits from ecosystem services

(c) Paul Ott, published by detail.de

In the outskirts of Graz, the second city of Austria, green atriums, Co2 neutral building materials, prefabricated timber modules and – most of all – a succesful combination of architecture and landscaping make the Josefhof Health Centre an architectural gem that contributes to the well being of its ambulant clients in the primary care clinic and one hundred stationary patients.

Commissioned by the insurance company for railways and mining and designed by architect Dietger Wissounig Architects the horizontally structured healthcare building is situated in an orchid meadow typical for the area. Its stacked roof landscape can be viewed from the rooms and feature extensive greenery. Looking at the ecosystem services provided the benefits are a microclimate in the immediate vicinity to the rooms, improved sound insulation and pleasant views cheering up the patients. In addition this design strategy extends the life of the roof skin claims the architect.

This post is based upon an article by Leoni Spies published on detail.de.