Frans Lanting


I heard the rumour that the film “The new Wilderness” about wildlife in the Oostvaarders plassen will be followed by a Wilderness film made in the city of Amsterdam. That’s exciting!

Guest on the broadcast Vroege Vogels on Sundag 24th of January is Frans Lanting, renowned wildlife photographer. “It’s fascinating that we are part of this nature” he says. He wonders how we will keep on living together, as mankind takes over more and more space on the earth. Astronauts notice the same. They have seen the earth from a distance, as a vulnerable little ball with a thin shell of live.

Frans Lanting is interested in the relation of all that lives, including us. He has unveiled a new project with composer Philip Glass. Their collaboration is Life: A Journey Through Time. The genesis of the project was sparked years ago while Lanting was taking pictures of horseshoe crabs — a life form that has remained basically unchanged over hundreds of millions of years. Lanting realized that the creatures offer a window into the past, and that there exist many other examples of how time tempers the shape of life on Earth, and how the Earth is in turn changed by the life it harbours.

Unveiled in the same broadcast, that after a long and thoroughly study not mice but squirrels are the first mammals and thus our human ancestors. Sounds more elegant to me!