Ever listened to a biophony? “A healthy landscape is best seen with the ears” *

Because of covid-19 many human activities are more silent which makes the voices of nature resound on an unprecedented scale. The initiative Dawn Chorus took this year’s exceptional spring as a starting point to map the soundscapes performed by birds on a global scale in a citizen science project.

Recordings will be included in a scientific database for biodiversity research. Dawn Chorus project is planned to take place every year and thus provide comparative data. Birds are important biodiversity indicators. This group of animals is researched well and may reflect the “state of health” of a habitat and. the condition of the other species occurring in an ecosystem.

Dawn Chorus may eventually provide valuable information about the diversity of species, the behavior of the birds, as well as the effects of climate change and habitat change on the populations.

Read more about the Dawn Chorus Project.

* Bernie Krause, Soundscaping pioneer. See his 2013 TED talk here.