De Binckhorst a ‘nature reserve’?



With great interest the Dutch ‘Party for The Animals‘ (Partij voor de Dieren) of the City Council of The Hague has been following the developments on building a nature-inclusive city. For a motion on building nature-inclusive the additional information and arguments where found on NextCity. The good news is that this motion is adopted by a large majority of the Hague City Council. This means that the councilor will investigate whether it is possible to put nature-inclusive development on the list of requirements of the municipal exploitation. The councilor will talk with social housing associations and examine whether it is legally possible to include this way of developing in the building
regulations of The Hague.

Based on the information about the Cruquius Area found on NextCity, the Party for The Animals added the request if the councilor may consider whether the Binckhorst area can be used as a pilot project.

Christine Teunissen: “making the city greener and more attractive to animals can be achieved by taking simple and low-cost steps, such as the use of ‘building nature inclusive. By transforming De Binckhorst in an urban ‘nature reserve’, by adapting plants to species, by integrating nesting boxes for birds and bats in the facades, we can create space for nature in the urban world. The Party for The Animals is very pleased that the alderman will start an investigation on this”.

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