Biodiver – CITIES

LB Ayala

[POST BY Lourdes Barrios Ayala]

Nowadays the earth population works hard to afford living in cities. They look forward to the possibility of finding all the technology and services that are needed to perform in a good quality urban and professional environment, where they can support a family and grow old in the safety of their house.

A modern society establishes progress as a priority, and progress is in the metropolis. Nevertheless, these hard-working individuals associate rest with getting out of these noisy, polluted spaces. As soon as they get some free days, or even a sunny afternoon, people make plans to run to the park and reunite with their friends or themselves. Nothing better than a clear sky to go outside and fall in love with the lights of the city or, even better, of the shining stars.

Don’t most of us dream of an easy escape to the beach to listen to the waves? Isn’t incredible to wake up hearing the sweet sound of singing birds? To discover and be amazed by the movement of a hummingbird next to the window? Some of us love windows and balconies. Or we surround ourselves with nature images in our houses and offices and even talk to plants and consider them as our friends and partners, not to mention pets being part of our families.

How to combine the spirit of progress of our human society, with our natural wish of connecting with nature aas one?. To set integrated priorities that satisfy both understandable needs of todays human being. In a world filled with crowd and loneliness at the same time, we are all natural individuals looking for a safe and comfortable place in a surprisingly hostile environment. The smallest detail can make a difference: a smile, a warm hello.

Isn’t this the same for the rest of the species that shares the urban space with us? Plants or animals, they just need a hand to pursuit a better quality of life and find their place. Let’s bring nature to the cities, and give them, and us a better place to live. Let’s fall in love again with the sound, view and smell of nature. Our senses were born to taste the sweet properties of a natural environment. Lets respond to these intuitive feelings with effective actions in our everyday life, our profession and education in schools and houses. Timing is the answer.