“Baden gehen”

[image: www.baunetz.de]

[image: www.baunetz.de]

Biodiverisity grows thanks to the new “city branding”

Berlin has launched the project Flussbad, offering his inhabitants 750m of Spree canal as a swimming pool. For at least half a million residents of the city this will be their closed natural bathing water.

The 1.6 km stretch of the Spree Canal that will be re-naturalized into a biotope landscape and reed basin to purify the running water in a natural way while the 640-meter uppermost section of the river will be re-naturalized to become a wildlife habitat. The biodiversity in the city will increase.

The project will contribute towards raising public awareness on the need to ensure water quality in the city’s river. Increased public awareness will in turn inform and pressure decision-makers on the steps required to ensure all rivers are maintained in healthy conditions for recreational use and ecosystem health. Biodiversity will thrive from this.

Interesting asset is that the Flussbad project increases tourism and in particular ensures an inflow of young people who are vital tot the city’s culturural and educational landscape and for many branches of the economy.

[source: Arcadis]