10 Top Tips for making a Biodiverse City

Symposium 9 september 2015

Symposium 9 september 2015

Tips* for City Makers
(such as architects, other designers, clients, developers, placemakers, policy makers, governments)

Launching a Road Map to a Biodiverse City
1.  Work with the right partners from the start and match your ambitions
2.  Biodiversity is multidisciplinary. Build ‘knowledge-bridges‘ between the disciplines
3.  Inform decision makers and clients about the value of biodiversity in their ‘own language
4.  Care for and take advantage of outside pressure to help your plan ahead
5.  Free ride on other developments such as green, climate. ‘If you do it, do it biodiverse’
6.  Inspire your client
7.  For all questions: put on biodiverse glasses. This way of looking helps making decisions
8.  As a designer, take a step back, do not design everything
9.  Do not center the human being, remove it from its base and look wider
10. Have staying power, to many stakeholders, what you are doing is new

Bonus tips
11.  Distribute your message widely and ensure awareness among a broad audience
12.  Start with education, reach students the tools to transfer knowledge and to get partners

* The tips come from Nicole Pfoser, Maike van Stiphout, Jip Louwe Kooijmans, Larry Bath and Stefano Boeri. Collected by Dave Wendt (Arcam) and Mathias Lehner (lehner gunther).